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Arrma RC's
Arrma RC released the new 2016 Arrma Kraton.


New Arrma Kraton 2016 features:
  • dBoots MINOKAWA tires.
  • Tactic TTX300 radio system.
  • New paintjob.
  • Replaced BLX180 ESC with the BLX185 ESC.
  • 2060kV brushless motor.
  • Updated, more durable wing mount
  • Updated front and rear hubs
Love the new paintjob.
Not just the new BLX 185, the motor seems also a bit longer to me.
Upgraded Wing Mount and the springs look stiffer too

What you think?
New esc 185 who looks like HW Max8 rebranded with different motor connectors + new motor + new wing mount + new tires + new body.

Yes we can say it's a new Kraton. I love it!!

With this new Kraton we can hope new Talion and Typhon/Senton esc + motor upgrades too.

I like that they switched over to the 1/8th scale buggy chassis design, instead of using the bowling pin shaped chassis.

Never mind it looks like some one at Arrma posted the wrong picture.
I think that soon there will be a 1:6 arrma I cant say more :)
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I think everybody would like it :)

@all Do you think the new 185BLX ESC is a Hobbywing?
hey guys think hobbywing program card and software updates will work on the 185? also if we are waiting on a replacement. think we will get that esc you have pictured above.
Getting one of these also! Nice to see an already great car getting even better ( i hope lol)

Expected first deliveries are June
I have asked a local Bulgarian shop/dealer (which is working with for expected delivery dates and they gave me 10th of July as arrival date. I have emailed about delivery date but am still waiting for reply.
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