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So I decided to get new wheels and tires for the track I run on. Proline Blockades it is!



Has anyone done the "tire strapping" with success using duct tape before? I am thinking of giving it a try with these tires.
Looking forward to your thoughts about the Proline blockade tires. I know many people that are happy with them.

As for the strapping, I've done this before with my large scale RC's as it's almost a requirement and duct tape does in fact work very well.
So I was impressed how much traction the blockades offered. With the new tires and the new arrma wheels with the full rim I was getting on two wheels in the turns again, amazing traction. I may have to adjust suspension to compensate for the new traction. The only problem I had was that the track surface is high grip sugar with dust on it, and braking after the long straight caused the pins to get shredded off the tires.




Also taping or "strapping" the tires made for much more predictable and linear acceleration on the straights.

This is my first experience with pin style tires, I am thinking that my next ones may be smaller clay style pins like the jconceps bar codes or proline suburbs. Has anyone else had the pins rip off after a day of driving?
The pins ripped off the tire on my buggy in one day, but I was basically drifting a softball diamond for and hour, so they saw lots of shredding action very quickly.
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