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New (back) to the Hobby and don't have much experience wrenching on these things so I figured I should ask. I am somewhat mechanically inclined and don't mind wrenching on stuff and I know on some vehicles there's some good break-in procedures or things to check/fill. I just got my Senton and just waiting on parts/batteries/charger to show up. I've read a few people change the diff and shock fluids, etc. before there first outing. Is there something I should do/check before it's maiden voyage? No racing just bashing in the grass/street mostly and will be running on 6700mah 4s SMC's. I was kinda hoping to just charge up the batteries and have at it... but would like to make sure I start out on the right foot.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Nope. Just charge and go! I like to gear up the pinion a bit if only running on 4s but depending on terrain and circumstances,stock gearing could be fast enough. Enjoy!
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