New castle 2028 1700kv

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Why is this more expensive than their other 2028?
I'd be willing to bet the rotor is stainless steel cased like the 1721 and not Kevlar wrapped.

Edit: Weird...they took the page down.
Can't get a price though. This website is only getting 3 of them if I understand it correctly

Screenshot_20221121-184918_Samsung Internet.jpg

I can't imagine this thing on 8s. 4 pole plus it's castle so you know it plays nice with the xlx2. A monster is born.
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the page is working for me!
I did 110mph with 2028 1700kv in my 40 pound TLR Losi 5iveB
Yessir, I saw your video already! I'm the one who asked you about mounting the XLX2 in your XRT on yt. Good stuff bro :cool: (y)

Of course, I'm sitting here wondering If I could buy this motor for my xrt and bash with it. Wonder what the temps would be like! A can that size you'd think it could handle it.
It's possible I use a small 58-81 TP5840S 1720KV on 8s in my basher x maxx geared for 3.18/1 with heatsink and fans. The 2028 is bigger 56-112 so it shouldn't run as hot with that gearing. But I personally haven't tried the 2028 1700 in a 25 pound basher yet.
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