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After weeks of shopping I decided to get a Granite BLX and excited to really start bashing it however I have seen that the diffs in the new Granites are plastic and should be replaced with the 2013-spec. I am going to order all the diff parts along with shimming it and filling with 100k diff oil in hopes that will solve any future diff issues.

Is there any other issues the new Granite has that I should look out for?

Fair to mention that Arrma lowered the price of the latest BLX 1/10 (and Raider XL). But that has been saved on the hardware they supply in it.

One of the key selling points of the original 2011 and 2013 models was the aluminium parts and metal gears, which came as a standard!

Anyway, ordering the diff am gears will raise the price to the original BLX Granite, but it is worth every penny!

Second would be upgrade to lipo, if you not already have them ;)

Next to that better shocks (or better shock caps to start with)

And since this is a Granite BLX: A wheelie bar!
I did a test run on 3s to make sure it worked like it should but I don't want to push it too hard until I have a new diff ready when the stock one fails. I definitely like the design of the gearbox and wheelie bar over Traxxas as it seems better built and offers more protection for the motor, hopefully it's not to tear into the gearbox though.

I'll make sure to pick up some shock caps for now
What most people forget is proper adjustment of the slipper clutch. A piece of hardware to save both motor, Esc but especially the differential!

Unfortunately. You have to adjust it for each type of surface. Please refer to the downloadable manual how to adjust your slipper!
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