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I have had my Granite Mega for about a month now and love it. New to Hobby RC Trucks and enjoying just backyard Dirting (Bashing only by accident now). So I probably don't torture mine as much as most I have seen here. Only issue I have had was a tie rod snapping loose, cracks in body (from hitting objects), and worst is Shock caps popping loose and off. Not wanting to spend big bucks I come up with ways to save a buck. First was I realized I need a front bumper, but T-Bones seem pricey, I did make two out of plastic that seemed to work well, but then broke down and got the RPM front bumper and was able to retro fit it fairly easy (see pics). second was the shocks. Tried Teflon tape which held for several runs. Now I am trying Heat Shirnk Elec. tube (see pics) which has held up and may be an alternative to aluminum shocks which are really expensive I think. Still running brushed motor with no issues, but will probably change to 2S lipo soon, so will see how that holds up.
IMAG0927.jpg IMAG0928.jpg IMAG0929.jpg IMAG0930.jpg
Hi Gary. Looking at the photos your front metal brace is not properly installed. It should go under the front tower brace and not over.
Hey, Thanks mrbelloso. Yes realized that after I put everything back together and seen a pic somewhere. Figure I'd change it the next time I have to take the shocks off.
Think it will cause any issues being on the way it is ?
The heat shrink is a good idea.
Did this also to a coupler in my little jet-boat. The brushless upgrade was too much, but with heat shrink over it no issues!

But as soon as you will upgrade to lipo your motor will be roasted (actually the non replaceable brushes) soon I am afraid...

Maybe buy a Traxxas 12T brushed motor as well
Right. Thought that too. Figure first get the 15T to be prepared.
Right. Thought that too. Figure first get the 15T to be prepared.

I tried to open the motor can, but this product is meant to be not maintainable.
So this is quite hard.

What I could see through the cooling slots was a poor design brushes on strip springs.
The actual brush surface, which touches the collector has the shape of a reducer.
Never saw that before, even the el cheapo famous 540 Mabuchi motor does feature better brushes.
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