New Hot Racing aluminum parts for Fury, Granite, Raider, etc.

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Good news! Finally a aluminum bellcrank. And really good with one more player in the market.
Hot Racing has released a few new aluminum parts for us ARRMA 1/10 RC fans. I especially like the steering rack. Here is the link -

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Well shut the front door! First STRC and now Hot Racing... love seeing more and more companies rolling out parts for our RC's!
Any of the big online retailers selling this brand yet? It was nice to apply the Tower discounts to the STRC stuff I bought.
Look at this on eBay

I can't find any reviews on this product. So I went ahead and orded it. I just changed my vortek into a granite using proline trenchers and the first nose dive onto the front left tire sheared the plastic, as expected I suppose. If anyone has any feedback on the product let me know. I will try and post e review after I use it for some time.

Couple pics of how the conversion turned out. I have added an rpm front bumper and the stock wheely bar since the pics.

That is the proline pro mt chevy Silverado body just in case some one want to know.


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You will still have the same problem as the stock plastic parts, the servo saver design is flawed.
Yes your right. Since installing the aluminum upgrade I have broken two of the pins. I guess I should stop running into stuff. I was disappointed to see that the slop in the system was only improved slightly. O well at least some of the parts are more durable.

To bad this is gonna be an on going problem. Really like this truck but a few minor issues have me thinking I may have to sell it and get something better designed.
On that aluminum servo saver piece it will help if you put a blast of powdered graphite between the 2 cams. At least it did on my Kraton.
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