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  1. Talion
Picked up a brand new talion today and have to say i am very impressed thus far, in stock form on 4s it ran very well.

I had a castle mmx esc and a 2200kv motor sitting around so i swapped that in and ran it on 6s and am super impressed with the power and speed it is capable of. I also put 500k diff oil in the center diff to help the ballooning of the front tires out. Gonna put some real oil in the front and rear diffs tomorrow probably 10k

Install my Savox 1210 waterproof servo and try and hunt down some better front and rear springs and order up a few of the durango parts front and rear center driveshafts , shock towers, upper and lower hingepin mounts front and rear (for all the tuning adjustments) and try and locate some billet chassis braces for it to help get rid of some of the chassis flex.

I simply can not believe how good it is in stock trim and the huge imprevement swapping the motor and esc made alone cant wait to do more to it to build a real killer truggy out of it
@jdiding, first welcome to the Arrma Forum community!

The Arrma Talion is a very impressive machine and sounds like you've got some pretty nice upgrades planned. Post some pictures of the Talion when you get a chance!
i really love the truck so far i have ran 5 or 6 sets of packs thru it
i filled the front diff with 1million diff fluid and the rear with 200k this morning huge differance in the truck much better and more stable at high speed
the rear chassis flex is going to drive me nuts need to find a billet rear brace for a dex8t or come up with something more sturdy
also the body only lasted about 15 minutes before the rear body hole`s were trash is that normal
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