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I am excited to have bought a new Kraton a few days ago. I quickly pulled the BLX system before anything happened and subsequently sold it. I installed a Leopard WP150 ESC and will be going to Kershaw Designs to get the huge Leopard 4292 motor to go in it.

I know the next step is the servo and wondering what everyone is using. I have used the Savox 0231 in a Savage with no issues and I like the fact that it's waterproof and <$40.
@kringlekrush first welcome to Arrma Forum. Glad to have you here and congrats on the new Arrma Kraton. It's a nice truck!

I would certainly second going with a Savox SW-0231MG, for less than $40 that's plenty fast, powerful and waterproof, you're going to be hard pressed to beat it. You already have experience with it on the Savage and know it does fine on it, so the tires of the Kraton should be no problem.

Another upgrade I might suggest would be to do the Kraton Servo Mount Upgrade or buy an aluminum servo mount from GKA Custom.
Definitely be going with a servo mount upgrade along with new springs, diff shims and a T-Bone front bumper in the near future. Right now just excited to get the 4292 installed and blow it up on 6s
You are going to have a blast!! Recently sold mine to fund another project and am regretting it. I had the Castle MM2/2200kv combo with a Savox 1256tg servo and it was a beast...only thing I ever broke was the wing mount. Please do yourself a favor and check the differentials Senton came with barely any oil in the 3 differentials.
Well decided to go with the Leopard 4282 instead since it would give me better power on 4s as well as 6s. Anxious to get it install and try it out
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