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Its for my 10 year old - Got some Zippy 60C 4S 6900Mah Lipos. Oliver has driven his Slash with a Sidewinder 3 combo on 2 & 3S and his HPI Sprint 2 Flux 1/0 scale. He has some experience driving the TRMT8E MT but not much. I think this will be a great 4S intro to a solid Truggy that will give him a great intro to 1/8 Scale blasting. I did strap in my 70c 11.1v Lipos for a quick blast and what a difference in weight from the NERO. This thing feels like a feather in comparison. Crispy steering (Great stock servo but Im getting bigger tires) and hole shot torque as expected from ARRMA BLX Power. T-Bone racing front bumper (In RED!!) & Wheelie bar to match the Nero coming any day along with a wonderful 333/oz HiTec servo. Bought two sets of Proline BiGJoe 2s for this winter. This is my 2nd Arrma 4x4 in the past month or so - Sticking with these guys - will give some thought to the Senton nexxxx


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That's one heck of a RC for a 10 year old and I'm sure he's going to love it. The Kraton is a beast!

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