New Mega Granite stopped steering

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I bought a new Mega Granite. I drove it 3 times. And now it stops steering.

What do i need to do ?? I can drive it forward and backward with no issues. i can hear the parts moving when i turn the control but the wheels wont' turn / steer. :(

Brand new to the lobby with no experience.

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Sounds like your servo is grinding its teeth...I suspect you need a new one... Perhaps the others can advice you on which type you need for a Mega...I don't know if there are that many differences between the Mojave BLX and the Granite Mega...o_O
So Oracle...Speak!...:p
Traxxas 2075 is a near dead replacement size wise and is still waterproof, similar in power, and doesn't take any modding to fit in. I had the same issue with my blx. I think I've likely ran 30+ packs through it since I've changed it and no troubles at all. Hope this helps. :)
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