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Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. My name is dan or aka typhon and about a month ago i got my v2 typhon. Though I'm really enjoying the car so far, it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows. I live in st.louis and run on a dirt burners track suited for 1/8 buggies. For reference I'm using a turnigy lihv 5000mah 35c-70c 4s battery Which does not fit in the stock tray and I made my own out of a thin piece of aluminum. Only added 8-9 grams of weight. It didn't take me very long to realize i had a ton of push while trying to turn and stop. This is partially because of the track being hard packed with loose dirt as well as the stock tires being too firm.

Though maybe i should've started with new tires i chose to change my diff fluids since my tires were on order. I'm glad i did too because arrma should be ashamed of how they send these cars out. All 3 of my diffs were severely under filled in my view and after 1 run the diff fluid was incredibly metallic colored. Not sure if i like the setup i chose since I'm new to the buggy world but others suggested to run 3-5-3k in my diffs. It definitely helped my steering but being thinner fluid its definitely a little more on edge flying down the straights. 2nd issue i had on my 3rd run i landed on my roof after a few tumbles and my front body post came free. Being as you gotta take the front clip half apart to get to the 1 screw kinda sucks but not the end of world. Another typhon user said he super glued his and it hasn't been an issue since so i did the same. So far 2 batteries in and still holding strong. I ordered the t-bone racing bumpers. Which id highly suggest. Waiting on my rear basher bumper still but being as the car is a bit heavy on the nose side, that bumper has taken some abuse already and no breakages.

Didn't want to make it sound as if the car is junk because i don't believe it is. Seems fairly durable thus far. hangs fairly close to the much more expensive models out there at least in the straights, Needs tires so bad!! Ill post more pictures when i get the other bumper and tires. Thanks to all for listening to my rant and i look forward to many more runs on the Typhon.

Here is one of the stock diffs.