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Hey guys, I just recently purchased a used Kraton. Running stock everything except steering servo is a high torque spektrum. Batteries are Turning nano tech, 3 5000 mah, 40-80C discharge. The truck ran like a beast for 2 separate runs for a total of maybe 40 minutes and then the blx 180 started glitch in out of no where and went poof, beeped and that was it.

I have now ordered a Monster Mamba 2 and my question is, after reading a little bit on ripple, should I be installing a cap pack? Will it help the ESC survive longer? Any pros/cons that you guys have experienced?

If it is the blx 180, from the first edition Kraton, it has known issues. I believe Arrma warrants this with a free replacement of their new esc blx 185.
What about installing a cap pack between batteries and mm2 ESC?
also i would recommend that you order Mamba Monster X. Mamba X has a better BEC so it can power strong servos like savox 1210sg.
If you use Mamba monster 2 and servos that need lots of amps you will need another liFe battery to power the servo or external BEC. I learned this the hard way....
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