Senton New Senton Owner. Suspension Question

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Hey guys just a question I got my Senton on March 10th and I really like the build quality and the 6s power is insane compared to my Slash. Question is my senton out of the box came with really stiff shocks in the rear like maybe has really thick oil and the front is fairly soft this doesn't seem to change much even when I change the pre-load.

So I'm not sure if this is normal but I simply cant jump this thing it nose dives something terrible and I'm not an entry level driver by any means but I'm at a loss for whats going on here not sure if I have a problem or if that's just how this thing is?
That's part of the defaults for a Short Coarse they are meant to have really tight handling and not go for big air. it should be able to break free on the rear end to drift a bit in corners but be able to grab that traction back plus handle your typical bumps and jumps on a coarse with ease but if your wanting to go for big air i would look at changing up your oils and springs. also keep in mind that due to the smaller tires and that they don't balloon easy your not going to get as much control in the air as you would on another RC without SC tires.

Basically long story short, they are meant to hug and stick to the track not jump.
The Senton is bad for nose diving off jumps. I've seen it in multiple videos online and mine does it also.
If you feel that your rear shocks are too stiff, try putting some thinner oil in them, just beware that this will make the nosedive worse on jumps.
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