Senton New Senton owner with tire question.

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I'm getting a new Arrma Senton for Christmas. Looking to upgrade the wheels and tires. I want bigger. I love what Julian did with the 3.8 Badlands. I don't want to have to carve up the body to make them fit though. I've seen a lot of people talking about running buggy wheels and tires, but what I'm really after is additional width. I want something wider. So, I'm wondering about truggy wheels and tires? They should use same wheel diameter was buggy wheels, just wider and with wider tires. Has anyone tried this? Looking at the HPI truggy wheel and tire set up. Thoughts?
You will most likely need stiffer springs if you go wider.
The thing with short course bodies is, that they cover the wheels. If you go wider it can happen that the body touches the wheel after a jump ... that might leave some ugly marks.

Which ones did you exactly have in mind?
I think your best move is to get a different body. Lots of people seem to run the Proline VW Baja bug body on SCs. That will let you run whatever tires you want and then switch back to full on SC mode with the Senton body whenever you choose.
Those are a lot bigger than the factory wheels...I don't think you can run those with the stock body.

Probably would. If you go to the Proline site, they actually have a tool that helps you find bodies, wheels and other accessories for your car. I would think that anything that would work for a 4x4 1/10 SC would work for the Senton. Some of the bodies fit 4x2 and 4x4 because they have a more generic wheelbase. Like the Baja bug style.
Those are a lot bigger than the factory wheels...I don't think you can run those with the stock body.

After checking the specs, I see that they are larger. Silly me to make that assumption about buggy vs truggy tires. What about the 2wd sc wheels? Would they have an offset that would make them stick out a little further?
What about converting to 12mm hex? Bad move or more options?
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