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My friend got a voteks a few weeks ago. I have many rcs including a kraton and a proline pro 2 buggy and a few others so I'm not new to the hobbie.

After driving his vorteks and helping him tune the suspention I was very impressed with this $160 truck. He upgraded to brushles shortly after and it really started to get fun.

Anyway I just could not help but get one of my own. I have lots of extra electronics so I went shopping on ebay and picked up a fury blx roller. Soon I realized it's not the same. So I ordered a proper vorteks roller and got to work.

Swapped the transmition from the blx fury and all the turnbucles. Added an rpm front bumper, Dropped in a waterproof traxxas servo (also came with the fury roller) and a castle sct 3800kv combo. Just waiting on a stock set of wheel that will be here tomorrow. Glue up the tires try not to smash this new body I had laying around unpainted.

Anyway just wanted to show it off I guess. Can't wait for the local track to open!


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