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Hey guys, first off I am new to the RC community. I have only owned my Arrma raider for a few months now. A friend of mine was getting out of the hobby and gave me his Arrma raider mega for two days of working for him. It was a great deal for me. It was in new perfect condition with the original rear tires worn completely off, front where moderately worn. The car came equipped already with a velineon brushless motor, Novatech 75a HSP ESC, and a 5000mah 2s LiPo 20c battery. The car came pre-programmed to have MAX power, this was plenty enough power too make the car flip right over once I got new tires on it. I found some 1/8 scale dirt hawg tires which are larger and have a lot more grip.

Soon it became very apparent that I needed a wheelie bar system. So I began constructing one from clothes hanger wire. It worked great for the short time that I used it. I went and bought myself a proper one from my local RC shop. When I got home and took the parts off that I needed too in order to install the new wheelie bar, it became apparent that I needed to fabricate my rear end in order for the new wheelie bar system to connect. So I had to remove some material from the outer casing of the motor mount in order for it to fit.

Once I had that installed the car was really a lot of fun. The top speed is around 50km an hour, with my phone strapped to it. So maybe a bit more with less weight on. It has so much power it can wheelie down the whole street, once you adjust the wheelie bar too the appropriate position. You can have it lift around a few cm which will just make it torque down the road, and be more stable. The car itself drives very well, although the wheelbase is very narrow so with that much power it like to basically jump in the air when you do a sharp turn and hit the gas.

This really is a wild setup for a new driver like me. I know that it was too much so I tried too take it easy with it but everyone like to do some bashing and eventually I had it broken. A friend of mine was over with his Traxxas Xmax, and we ended up head-on colliding in the middle of the road at a very fast speed. My front end was mangled, and his truck had basically one scratch on it. I then had to replace a few parts that hold the shock together, my servo arm, and the from control arm as well. I leaned a few major lessons very fast while driving this. You must be very responsible.

The cars suspension is moderate I would say. The plastic caps like to pop off the top on moderate sized jumps of the landing is too hard. This is a major inconvenience I would say. I always brought some extra shock oil when I went out driving. The frame that hold the rear wing ended up breaking on my me so it is held by only two plastic prices now and very flimsy. When the car flips upside down it exposes the rear shock towers to the ground with the most force and you end up grinding off the tops of them in these situations. I would not like to have to replace frame parts. The shock caps get ground off too but those aren't as difficult to replace.

So with this much power I ended up stripping my spur gear. So I went to the store and purchased a few extra in case it happened again. Which it did. Happened several times. It this point I wasn't sure if it was it crashing around, the way I'm installing the spur gear, or the power of the the brushless system. Anyways I am having fun with it and it starts making a clicking noise. So I shut it off right away because I know if I run it anymore it will strip the gear again. I brought it inside and took it apart. The gear was not stripped. So it must be something else. I followed the problem inside of the gearbox itself (nightmare of a job), and the gear that sits on the input shaft had a tooth broken off.

This was basically the beginning of the end in my eyes for this car. I think the plastic gears inside this car are not meant for this much power. After an attempt of reassembling the gearbox with new parts and installing it back into the raider, I blew apart another gear inside the gearbox. This time the middle gear in between the differential and the input shaft. So I replaced that one too and put it all back together. This time it didn't go back together the same. It seemed to have pulled some plastics through the screws holes on the gearbox stripping a few and causing it to "bloat" apart. I cleaned the plastic off and tried my best to get it right again, but it didn't seem to want too go back the way it was. So I taped the outside of it to prevent any dirt from getting inside and grease getting out. and jammed it back in my raider. Upon driving it, it broke again inside the gearbox.

By then I was tired of spending hours and hours taking it apart putting it back together to no avail. It is a lot of work getting to that gearbox. I like working on it but this was getting to be too much. So I did a little researching and discovered that the Arrma raider XL Mega has metal gears inside of the gearbox, and I can buy a cheaper version and just install my bigger motor and esc into it. That was what I wanted to do. So (after my wife's approval) I decided to got purchase one.

I got it home it this thing is almost everything I could have asked for. It is 1/8 scale size instead of 1/10, so it is a bit bigger. This is a very good upgrade for the raider and this motor. It will be much more stable on the ground versus the smaller sized one. The front and rear tires on it are a lot larger too, giving it much needed ground clearance, and off road capabilities. Having he car a bit longer helps prevent un necessary wheelies that would happen all of the time with the other vehicle.

The battery compartment is larger, enabling you to upgrade to a 3s battery size with very little modification. There is much more room in the cab compartment for your ESC, and any other wires that you need to tuck in (noting that it was very hard to fit a 2s battery in the 1/10 mega). The back section of the vehicle looks much more rigid leading to the rear wing and gearbox.

Overall I am very satisfied with the overall look of the red body, tire size and look of the vehicle. So I replaced the stock esc and motor with my brushless system from the (temporarily) junked raider. I had some troubles figuring out how to bind the new controller to the transmitter but after hours of struggling with it and learning many new things, I figured it out and have it all back together.

Now upon testing it out I notice that it isn't as fast as the 1/10 scale raider (which is expected because of size) but I know it can go a little faster than around 40km/hour. The motor did seem to produce about the same amount of power as before so I think it can go faster.

After doing some more research I came to the conclusion that my gear ratio between the spur and pinion gear is what is slowing me down. The ratio on the mega xl is set up to a lower top speed/ higher torque. So I looked at the ratio that was on my 1/10 raider and it had a faster gearing ratio so I put that on. Now it definitely is as fast or faster than before. Probably around 55km/hour. This is a good speed. (Although it would be nice to go faster once in a while). After fixing my speed issue, I can enjoy the car a little more now.

Upon inspecting its capabilities vs the 1/10 raider, it is very stable. I don't think I need the wheelie bar in the back anymore. It doesn't seem to want to flip backwards or jump around. Hitting jumps is very nice and so much more stable upon landing. Very impressed with this setup now. It works very well. Although notice that I have very little braking power, too basically none at all. I'm thinking that I need to reprogram my ESC to apply more brake. I can't find my ESC program car anywhere and am unable to purchase one because they are Chinese brand. I tried emailing the company and seeing if they can help me in locating one here in Ontario, Canada. Hopefully they can. If not I may need to replace my ESC with something that is programmable to I can get more brake. Its not very safe like this at the moment. Things can get pretty dicey. But I am dealing with it.

I recently discovered that I need to watch my motor temperature in order to prevent de-magnetization from occurring. I will need the programming card to control the motor timing. So now when I run it I am very cautious and checking the temp of my motor with my finger tips and judging wether it's too hot or not. I really need to get a temp sensor and that programming card. I would like to eventually upgrade to a higher speed gear ratio. 17t pinion and 54t spur gears, also I would like to install a 3s LiPo on it. That will bring me upwards of 90km/hour!!

My wife is a bit concerned but that's ok. That's why I love her. Anyways I really wanted to share my story with the Arrma community and say that I am very happy and excited to be apart of it. I am very new to the RC hobby but I have always been an enthusiast for many years since I saw my first RC car just ripping up a baseball diamond when I was a child. My kids love it and I will be getting the old raider mega up and running again (eventually) and install the smaller motor and esc from the raider mega xl and let my son have it. I will most likely upgrade the battery in the 1/8 raider to a 3s and put the 2s in my sons car. Hopefully that doesn't give it too much power as to destroy spur gears and gearbox's again.


So I ordered a few parts for my raider xl brushless. My shock caps keep popping off and if they aren't fixed soon enough or refilled with oil my shock towers suffer extreme impact and brake. The solution was STRC parts. They have a smaller selection but they include only racing grade metal parts at a good price. They sell aftermarket rear aluminum hubs and front steering knuckles.

So the parts that I received were:
  • Aluminum front wheel hex
  • Aluminum rear wheel hex
  • Aluminum Front tower brace
  • Aluminum Front shock body/caps
  • Aluminum Rear shock body/caps
  • Aluminum Shock caps - Top
Total: $137 CDN / $100 US

Overall I am very satisfied with the price and delivery only took 8 days to here in Canada. I have yet to test but everything seems in working order.

I think I will share the bad news first to get it out of the way, and follow up with some good news.

So my wheelie bar broke and had to be removed. So when my car leans back and does a wheelie without the bar it puts a lot of pressure on the rear wing components. This ended up braking the rear wing mounts completely off. I may contact hobbico and ask if they warrant that issue because it's not be necessarily "crash damage". I contacted hobbico about my wheelie bar I had purchased from my local hobby and asked if they would warrant it, and they ended up sending me a new one in the mail! That pretty cool.


So I had heard my stock servo starting to make a few clicking sounds so I contacted hobbico about that and asked if metal gears would work better for this size of vehicle. They then agreed to mail me a metal servo set!! That was so very nice of them. While waiting for my new servo set, the stock servo in my car stripped! I was lucky to have a spare from my 1/10 raider which has the exact same servo. When I recieved the new servo I was surprised to see that it was made by Tactic which is the same company that makes the receiver and transmitter for the vehicle. That is pretty cool. Upon further inspection I notice that this servo is about 4 points slower that the stock servo but has twice the torque. When I test drove it I was very impressed by the handling and also the way it was able to respond to commands even when hitting rougher terrain. This servo should have been installed stock in this larger vehicle. But I am very happy that hobbico sent me a better one to replace it.


So after my servo was damaged I was back to the drawing board thinking of durability. I purchased this metal plate for the bottom to better protect the servo and strengthen the steering parts, aswell as the front end. I feel that after a test run my steering has been improved slightly. But I am glad to have peace of mind that my servo is better protected.

My steering has been wandering and I'm not sure what is causing it. But I'm sure the large wobbly stock front tires had something to do with it. So I replaced the stock front tires with some proline 2.2 dirthawg III pre-mounted on beadlock rims, which are a shorter/wider wheel with better traction on pavement. I had to go around and tighten the beadlock a with an Allen key when I first purchased them. They are a great tire and provide excellent traction. Having these tires lowers my front end which is great for hitting jumps and driving around in general. The stock tires where just too big and thin for the size. I am very happy with the capabilities of the buggy now bashing around. It holds a lot straighter line without need of always adjusting my steering alignment. Which can get very annoying. I may see if Hobbico will warrant some of the steering parts because they seem very loose and still not 100% what they where when purchased. I may look into metal stabilizing arms for the front rear.


After installing the new STRC aluminum parts and bashing around for several weeks, they are holding very strong. I have not had any shock tower problems since installing. Previously I had broken several shock towers. Having the brace and metal shocks and that strength that you need for bashing around. I have not had any leaking or pressure loss. I am very happy with them and also the price that I paid was very reasonable for what I got. I will be after the STRC racing aluminum rear knuckles and front hubs next. Can't wait to order them in.


So the next big thing I hope to purchase for my raider is a new battery. I would like to get a 3s LiPo. If anyone has any good suggestions for one that will fit in the raider I would like to hear from you. Also if anyone has any comments, questions, suggestions for me I would be glad to hear also. Thanks for reading!

I would also like to add the I have upgraded my pinion and spur gears to 22/57. This has brought my speed up to 70 km/h. I'm sure once the new 3s LiPo is installed it will be upwards of 90km/h. I would like to get my steering more stabilized before then. I was also thinking of upgrading to the castle creations sidewinder sv3 ESC.
@JBlazer great thread about your entry into RC and with the Arrma Raider. What would you say has been the biggest lesson you've learned so far since getting into RC?
Thanks woodie! Great question.. There are so many lessons learned. But I think the biggest lesson would be the fact that it can be very affordable and so much fun to own an Arrma vehicle. With a little bit of practice and research you are able to achieve anything. I am very happy to have this forum and all of the the technology behind this fabulous sport that should be embraced by more people.

I am thinking of opening a R/C shop in my home town here of 15 000 people. There is no shop here and would like to build a track and have a training/mentor program of some kind for new people. I will post a picture of the area am thinking of building. Just a dream but you never know ;)
For a 3s pack that will fit in the Raider,you could try using a Floureon 3500 35C 3s one,I know that it's just a soft pack,but it's very well protected inside the chassis.
For a 3s pack that will fit in the Raider,you could try using a Floureon 3500 35C 3s one,I know that it's just a soft pack,but it's very well protected inside the chassis.
Thanks man! Not sure that 3500 MAh is enough for me. I have been looking at buying the venom 5000 3s 35c battery with universal plug adapters. I checked the dimensions and it will fit the 1/8 raider. It may fit the 1/10 raider but I have not checked. At my local hobby shop they want $120 CDN for it. I'm a little worried that it may overheat my motor/esc. I'm not sure how to do the math on it but my esc is an Hpi 70a. Motor is brushless velineon 3600kv. I'm sure I will have to gear down with this battery too.
True,the Venom batteries are better,but I'm getting two of the Fleureon batteries for just over $20. It won't overheat your electrics,as believe it or not,they'll run cooler.
Not sure about shipping to Canada, but I think these are pretty well priced, and they'll fit the Arrma 1/10 vehicles.
Wow nice find! Thanks. Has anyone ran this battery or know anything about it?

So my sc street fighter tires today! I have them installed and they look really great. They are super sticky and should grip pavement well. Really nice pattern and fairly deep tread. It has blue foam insert which feel soft. The only flaw really is that they don't look wide enough. But I'm sure they will work great on the pavement. I will try lowering my rear ride height because it has a lean.


So I tested them out on pavement and they worked like a charm. Fair amount of ballooning and maximum grip. This thing comes out of corners and doesn't slide nearly as much in the rear end when turning. They worked great with jumps. Great cushioning. Almost too much, as they launch a lot higher into the air. I feel that the car is more stable jumping with these tires. Also way more stable on the road. I am unable to pull a wheelie with the pinion and 57t spur. Which isn't terrible because I would rather not wheelie everywhere. But great traction for a thinner tread width.

Its garbage day here and I ended up hitting one of the trash cans near the curn. I pulled the pin through the front frame. Pin is a bit bent. That sucks. I will probably just glue it back together. It was fun tho :)


All in all I would say they are good tires. I will give an update on the wear on them when I use them a bit more. So far I would give them maybe 8.5/10.
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