Newb At Soldering???

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Hey everyone I want to learn how to solder. I have some connectors I want to solder on to a couple 4s Lipo batteries I have. What kind of solder do i use to do this and what else do I need besides a Soldering iron? Do I use Flux to do it properly? I bought a 3rd hand Soldering jig so I just need to get the solder and Flux. And I have to get heat shrink tubes (I think that's what they are called). Any advice would be great. Here is a picture of the Soldering iron I bought. It's a 60W Temperature Control Soldering Iron is it OK for Soldering? It was a cheap one I plan on getting a better one eventually.


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Soldering is very frustrating if you don't have the right tools and techniques. On the flip side, it is super easy when done right. Plenty of info on this around like in @WoodiE 's link or on YouTube.

That iron is marginal at best. If you do everything else right and still get bad results I would pony up and get a proper soldering station. Nice ones can be had for under $100 and they will literally pay for themselves. Just yesterday I used mine to fix an otherwise trashed baby monitor which saved me $150.

One more thought, I have had great results with flux core solder. It is much more convient imo than using a proper flux. Just be sure to wipe and re-tin your tip everytime you touch something.
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My son and I did it for the first time this past weekend. Iron flux and solder all bought at radio shack. Took the xt90 connectors off the car and put on ec5s cuz that's the batteries I bought. The adapter plug was not available locally so soldering was the solution

Just heated up the wire ends next to the xt90 plug until they came loose. They're already tinned so heated up the ec5 indented bullet end and once the solder melt into it and had a shiny loose appearance, stuck the wire from the car in and held it still for a minute or so. Did the other wire the same and all done. Did use flux on the bullet end only.

Watched several YouTube videos on how to do it. They did it better but ours worked fine for a first try.
First time so we got a few small burns but we learned so that won't happen again hopefully....
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