Senton Newbie need help with tires for my sons 4x4 SENTON

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I need some help and guidance. My son got a Arrma SENTON 4x4 v3 mega used for we brought it to our kind of local hobby shop and long story short we have a brushless version and it flies. Thing is it ate up the tires which we didn’t expect but in hindsight I now understand why. So I’m looking for replacement wheels. From what I’ve gathered the 14mm hex limits us and 12mm would give us more options.

Is this AR310816 something that is a simple swap. Do I just loosen lock screw pull 14mm off replace pin put 12mm on and tighten lock screw and ready to go?

We’re looking for a good tire that will last a while with both pavement and off roading. Were not looking for the fastest or to climb mountains just an all around do all that won’t have to be replaced every few months kind of tire. If there isn’t a tire that will do both what a good version of an on road and off road we could swap easily. When I say tire I mean the wheel with tire already on.

Sorry I know there’s a lot of tire topics but it becomes overwhelming to a beginner. Thank you.
Swap to 12mm hexes and enjoy the endless options for tires. I didn't care for the quality of the arrma 12mm hexes when we swapped my kid's Granite to 12mm. The Arrma hexes are cast aluminum and the set screw threads in the hex strips very easily. I ended up buying something else that was machined and anodized that were better quality and ended up being less money. Can't remember if they were the hot racing ones or something else.
I burned up a couple sets of the stock tires in a hurry. so a buddy and I bought these.

Duratrax speedtreads breakaway short course 12mm hex

bought hot racing 12mm hexes. Quick install. I used some thread lock on the set screws.

So far the tires work great. I had never gotten my senton to wheelie until I changed to these tires. They grip well but allow for some sliding around too. Definitely don't burn up as easily as the stock tires.

Thank you for your help. I’m going to try the vortek wheels just to get him going and then switch to the 12mm for the next set
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