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Hello Ladies and gentlemen,

New to RC and I just tried to update the pinion gear on my Arrma Granite Mega. Went to a local Hobby shop where the gave me a whole slipper clutch assembly out of a Granite 3s. I thought "Cool, I am planning on going brushless in the near future any way!" I get home and start tearing into this Machine. I put the new slipper in and it is nothing like the one I have. I can not make the drive shaft fit! ( Please hold your laughter and finish reading, I get dumber.)

On top of this, they give me a new 15 tooth pinion with the proper pitch (.08). So in my infinite wisdom, I take apart the pinion gear without even checking if it is the right shaft size. It wasn't... so after all that work, I put everything back together the way it was, or at least I thought.

Here for the real stupidity....

So I then put my stock pinion back on, apparently, I did not put it all the way down on the shaft. This lead to burning a hole through my motor cover! So not only did I waste $61.00 on Parts I could not use, I also now need to buy a new motor cover as well!

I am an idiot! Any advice on the parts that I should be using? Now please point and laugh. I deserve it!


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So you need a brushless motor, ESC, and power module housing. If you don’t have the adjustable motor mount, grab that too.

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