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Hello I just bought a new kraton 6s exb, I watched lots of videos before I bought it and many pointed to diff problems. So Im trying to get as much advise as possible on fluid recommendations and shimming so I searched the forum and all of the threads that come up are several years old.

It appears from my research and the manual, the way they addressed the rear diff issue is by making it an LSD instead of full open? So am I understanding correctly? What is everyone's opinion ,LSD or open rear diff?
Personally I used the EXB diffs with the open diff shim option.


Right now I use 60k/ 500k or 1m / 30k in my 6s vehicles. Seems to be working pretty well for me.

As far as shimming there are videos out there how to show you how to do it. The two EXB RTR I have purchased from Arrma were already shimmed. Arrma does include additional shims in the kit as well in case you need to add more. Each one might be different so just need to check each one.

FWIW I haven't had any diff issues with my EXB vehicles.
I second or however many going open with the above shim kit. I swapped all the exb diff cases i'm running over to open diffs and run 60/1m/30 in mine.
I have the shim kit in all three of my exb diffs too complicated for me the lsd plates and shims just couldn't get them to work right