NFL 2023-24 Official Trash Talk thread

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Patriots have a seat 🤣🤣🤣 losers🤣🤣🤣


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Chiefs get their biggest test of the season after this bye week against the Eagles. Better get those receivers on track with Mahomes, those guys struggle to get open!
No doubt!! Baffling how the Chiefs on offense look good/great on one drive and they don't do anything the rest of the game. Don't get me started on their short yardage issues. But yeah Iggles will be a tough game. Maybe we'll get some help from the refs....? 🤔
Chiefs cant win another SB with this group of wide receivers. Already led the league in dropped passes, had so many passes go right through their hand on huge plays last night. Hoe did KC allow the best QB in the league to get stuck with the worst receivers???🤬😤😖

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Pretty sure nobody looks great from the neck up once you hit 77 years old, lol. I can't believe how good her voice still is though.
All I can say is, how about them, birds, baby! 🦅 fly Eagles fly!!!
77 😲 damn she that case her face looks great 😃
I know I was like damn she looks good for 77. You know my situation situation so part of me was like I’d blow the dust off that box for a couple mil. Hahahah 😂😂