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hopefully I am not making this more complicated, but I will be sticking with NIMH batteries for the near future as my son learns to drive.

Are there any recommendations regarding MAH size and chargers that will charge them fairly rapidly?

Hoping to avoid 10 minutes of fun and 3 hours of charging. I have a 3000mah battery on order with the fury.

I'd also consider the Dynamite Prophet Sport as a possible charger for you as well. Make sure what ever you get it can also charge LiPo as well. While you might only have NiMH batteries it's always nice to have the ability to charge others and going to LiPo batteries would certainly be an upgrade.
Thanks WoodiE. If this is something we stick with then upgrading to LiPo batteries is certainly something we will do. So it makes sense to have a capable charger for if/when the time comes.

Right now, we just want to make sure this isn't a passing interest before major upgrades.

I definitely will be upgrading tires and bigger NiMh batteries in the short tern.

Thanks again! I will check out the charger you suggested.
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I got the Duratrax Onyx 110 as a back up, Tower will have them for $20 if you keep your eyes peeled.

WoodiE's spot on though; much better to buy a charger to grow "into" than "out of".
Horizon has some great "how to" vids for noob's like me, here's one on batteries, I watched it 3 times before tackling battery charging and so far everything has gone perfect.

BTW; no doubt, NiMh's are safest for kids, but once you go LiPo, you'll never want to go back!

Thanks Steve. I did finally settle on this a couple of weeks ago.

Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo 50W x 2 AC Battery Charger

I felt that even with just one car in the family, a dual charger will be beneficial. Right now I am just cycling through the stock 2000 mah battery and 2 Venom 4200's. That keeps us going for about an hour with minimal downtime. I may pick up another battery or two in order to keep the play-charge cycle going a little longer.

If my 7 year old still likes this 6 months from now I will probably go to LiPo's. I have a 5 year old right behind him, so the NiMh investment wont go to waste.

Of course, if he gets into it I may need a quad charger :)
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