Raider No throttle, no ESC beep upon power on

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Hey everyone,

I have a stock 1/10 Raider Mega brushed buggy.

Was working fine one day, then the next it is dead. I can steer, but no throttle (forward or reverse); also ESC has no lights and no beep upon turn ON. It ran slow for a bit before it completely died.
  • Is this the ESC or the motor? I'm guessing ESC.
  • Any suggested, good value/moderately priced replacement part suggestions for the ESC and motor?
Ah it’s been a while since we have heard about a raider!
I had the same issue with my granite the steering and throttle stopped working
It is the esc that broke
I would recommend a stock brushed motor and esc that comes with the stock newer brushed models
If you want to go brushless I would get a spectrum combo from Amazon
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