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Hi everyone I recently received my skyfly noble nb4 and have to say.. Wow I'm in love this remote is wicked awesome! I do have some questions that maybe some fellow NB4 users can answer.
1st off when I installed the FGR4S I had issues with the throttle after searching through some threads I came across the solution to reset my esc (BLX185) back to factory and this seems to have solved that issue. Just wondering if this is normal procedure and if others had to do the same?
Next I would like to know how I can go about getting some sensors to be able to see speed and temperature on the remote itself and also if I need one for the battery level indicator. Mine does seem to show the battery level but I don't think/know if its acurate or not I was out for a bash today when my Kraton hit LVC I assumed it was low battery but when I got home to check my lipos (I run 2 3s 5000mah 35C in series with a y connector) only 1 battery was low the other was still full and my Noble also showed full battery on the RX indicator so I'm thinking it could of just been a low cell as I didn't fully charge the 1 3s lipo before I went out my bad. I usually have both charged up fully when I run so I'm thinking maybe that's why as my steering and lights were all working only throttle was cutting out idk yet as I haven't been able to try again with both 3s lipos fully charged. I'd also like to know if it is possible to be able to turn off my light kit with the noble as is or would I need a on off switch to do this I have already ordered 2 off Ebay just waiting for them to arrive as I'd like to also be able to turn off my extra fan when needed. Thanks for any help and suggestions/feedback


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Hi buddy

Fellow NB4 owner. Calibrating your ESC is standard with any new transmitter really.

I run the temperature telemetry in my Limitless with the FGR4 receiver, this has a sensor slot it goes in to. No set up was needed.
If you are using the FGR4s you MAY have to buy the i-Bus (check out aliexpress or banggood) extension which itself has a sensor slot IIRC. The low battery you see on the transmitter doesn't correlate with the power.

I also looked in to seeing if you could manually amend a channel to operate the switch function, unsuccessful so far so buying the cheap switches off ebay is probably the way

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