Noob, spur/pinion gear meshing tip.


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The paper method is a good way to set your mesh. But, the one thing I've learned is that the spur gears are NOT, 100% round. After you set your mesh, rotate the spur gear by hand, feeling and looking for any tight spots between the spur and pinion gears teeth. When you find that tight spot,( and you will ) reset your mesh using the tight spot as the mesh setting point.
I was not aware of this a few months ago, and had some black resin built up on motor mount screws. I thought it was from the transmission housing.

Well, it was not! After I reset my mesh, I noticed big gaps between the spur and pinion gears teeth. And some teeth on the spur gear were long, some short. Now, I always check my mesh a dozen times. Not too tight, not too loose, just a little movement between the tightest spot between the spur and pinion.
Hope this helps....