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  1. Typhon 3s
Hello all,

3s Typhon is not done being modified yet, all I have done is HR pivot balls and HR bellcrank. Once it is done I will share some pictures of it.

Wanted to share my build with you as part of my initiation to the forum! Here you can see a Traxxas TMaxx 3.3 that I picked up on FB marketplace on the cheap. The first thing I did was try and start it to no avail. But, after switching the EZ start to a simple pull start and using a glow plug igniter she cranks right up. Needed to loosen the steering up a bit because the guy burned up the servo being you could barely turn the wheels by hand.

As of now, the only thing it needs is a servo, some throttle linkage adjustment, a fresh glow plug, and a body. The body that came with it is a weird looking Camaro body and that needs changed.

After I get everything replaced/completed, I’ll share the completed photos!

Going to run the typhon as is for now until a shock breaks, then upgrade those to pro line. Also looking into the trencher tires and a smaller pinion for bashing and basically running rough terrain.

Happy to be here and hopefully a tmaxx is okay to post. These are my first two RCs, so a little premature for nitro but I like tinkering haha.


Awesome, enjoy! My only nitro experience was a little .12 (2.0cc) stadium truck. Lots of fun! Having finally gotten to try modern brushless, WOW, though :) I never got my nitro to wheelie. My new-to-me truggy can flip itself on its back from a stop, which I find amazing.

Enjoy the smell, and the tinkering! I thought that aspect (tuning, clutches, etc) was part of the fun. I must admit, though, that it's kind of nice having the truck not be oily on one side at the end of a session :)
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