NPRC Arrma conversion

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I have a Vendetta chassis that I'd like to convert to a drag. I'm assuming I need to lock the front diff, lose the center drive shaft.
Do I need to put a 'spool' where the shaft was? Is there one available?
I've seen that the wheels will fit. I know motor location would be unorthodox but not against the rules.
Anyone else done this or similar?
Remove front diff
Install diff block (to take up the space) from “boost” lineup)
Remove front driveshafts
Install front axle carriers from “boost” lineup
Tighten slipper clutch
Put thicker diff fluid in rear diff

Have fun
You’ll be at a disadvantage with the 4wd chassis and motor location. I’d spend some time researching weight transfer dynamics and shock/spring rates if you really want to be competitive. It could make a big difference.
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