Senton Odd shock issue with my Senton


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So I noticed after my first bash session with my senton, that the rear end was sagging really low and wouldn't come back up. So I figured that I just needed to crank down my rear shock preload. So I put them about half way down and went out for another bash session, but it still sagged way too low and still didn't come back up. After I was done my second bash, I was looking a little more carefully at the truck, and noticed that it seemed like it was just 1 of the rear shocks that didn't want to move very freely.

So I took both the rear shocks off the truck, which is very easy. It felt like one of the shocks had close to 80 weight shock oil in it and the other felt like the front shocks. I took off both shock caps, and drained the oil. I could tell visually that the one shock was filled with a WAY thicker fluid than the other.

So I refilled both shocks with 40 weight as per the manual. I put the shocks back on, went out for my third bash and it is now acting much better.

I just found this to be extremely odd for a brand new truck to have this issue, but glad I resolved it quickly.