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Aurora, IL, USA
Arrma RC's
  1. Fury
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This is my FURY, it started out as a Fury MEGA and has the following upgrades:

  • Traxxas Big-Bore Shock Kit (Slash Progressive Rate Springs) (Front's needed the lower ball mount swapped out with ARRMA originals, also has 5mm spacer inside to limit shock length to factory)
  • 50wt/650cst Oil in Front Shocks and 40wt/500cst Oil in Rear Shocks
  • Front shock tower brace
  • Dynamite Tazer 45A WP ESC (2S Lipos are pushing its limits)
  • Dynamite Tazer 3300Kv Brushless Motor w/heatsink
  • 22t pinion (stock 87t spur)
  • ARRMA Spur Cover with plug (for adjusting)
  • Proline body clips w/rubber pull tags
I started with the MEGA due to the low kit price ($139 at LHS) and put about another $180 into getting it close to 'BLS' level configuration.

I tend to be easy on it when running on 2S Lipos, the motor doesn't go over 100*F with the heatsink but the ESC gets quite warm. Motor has more power than I expected, rips the rears loose on pavement when I say GO :D

If/when I run into drivetrain problems I'll swap to the BLX configuration, but so far so good!


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Nice, how are the Big Bore working for you compared to the stocks?

Much, much better! The stock shocks were also a tad, unpredictable. When I pulled them off originally to check on oil, I took the springs off and tested the action in hand and one shock was noticeably 'looser/softer' but not for a lack of oil. Anyways the stock shocks I re-oiled and moved over to the Raider, as the originals on the front had the top caps broken during bashing.

How on earth did you manage to get a heatsink mounted to the motor?

There is 'just' - and I mean 'just' enough of a gap surrounding the motor can that the Bastens aluminum side mount heatsink can fit with the motor installed. Since I didn't have the BLX gearbox or the ARRMA aluminum motor mount, and with the motor tucked in pretty good I wanted to give the heatsink a try. I realize that using it on an anodized motor can provides less-than-ideal transfer, but in my experience any metal-on-metal contact helps dissipate heat considerably. It is not so much a factor of how much metal-to-metal contact there is, but more a factor of how much surface area the heatsink provides (i.e. when I worked with electronics a while ago a paperclip was a better heatsink then using a penny for example)

I had to clip the heatsink on with the motor out, then move it a couple times to get it so that it was placed well while the motor was installed (not rubbing on anything, etc.)
I beat the daylights out of the fury today, and I have to say the big-bores with the traxxas slash springs worked perfect! Even though the ride height was up near the end of the shocks, I had no handling problems at all. Took some massive air a good 5-8 feet up off skate park and landed solid without an issue :D
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