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Arrma RC's
New to RC trucks/cars.
Picked up an Outcast in late December...and have been actively working on it since then.
With the weather being what it is here
right now (crappy!), I am using the time to improve my rig before I get to bashing in the spring.
Here is the list of mods performed to-date:
  • GKA servo
  • GKA chassis braces
  • Savox 1210SG waterproof servo
  • Tekno yellow springs (front and rear)
  • Red aluminum wing buttons
  • Changed shock oil to 1000cst front and rear
  • Changed bushings in bell crank to bearings
  • Changed screws in battery tray to 5mm's
Things I will be doing in the coming days/weeks, as I am awaiting parts;
  • Shimming all diffs
  • Changing diff oil to 50/150/20 (FMR)
  • Adding 3mm washers behind shock pistons
  • Swapping diff mount with Hot Racing aluminum diff mount
  • Swapping all bearings to Fast Eddy bearings
The only 2 things I have yet to purchase, but have not because they were on back order until recently are the RPM front bumper and rear skid plate.

Every month I tell my better half that I will curtail spending on the RC...lol...I mean to, but am having a hard time not continually finding new ways to improve, and justifying little parts to buy.
I have dropped a small fortune over the past while between the truck, the LIPO, the lipo charger, the hop ups, the tools etc...
I live in Canada so the shipping charges and weak Canadian dollar have killed me on the exchange rate!!

This forum has been awesome, great people, and I have learned so much.
Thanks Arrma for an awesome product and thanks to all on the forum who have helped me learn so much in such a short time...would have been lost without some of your inputs and guidance! ;)