Outcast Outcast dirt guards on the kraton

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thanks! what's the best way to seal up the hole on left side?
What hole are you referring to? I screwed mine on using the existing holes in the arms. I just drilled three holes in the guard one extra for the sway bar screw so I don't have to take the guard off to get to that screw and you're done.
Yes they are different from the tbr.
Can you use both mudguards together? TBR Rear A-Skid/Mud Guards - A-Arm Skid Plates and the De Racing model DER-110-AT?
Finally found some Outcast mud guards in stock off eBay.

Got them and the high side guards on the way.

Really hope this helps keep the grass/leaves/etc out!
Put the Durango mud scrapers in the rear also. They clear the crap out from inside the rear rim.
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