Outcast Outcast, first jumps 2nd session impressions

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Rich Duperbash

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Hey guys. Took Outcast out for 2nd time to hit some jumps and bash around at beautiful Folsom Lake, CA about 20 min from my humble abode. Not the best spot as I was hitting a slanted and narrow concrete berm with abrupt lip that tosses RCs a bit unpredictably. Got a few decent launches on 4s, truck is pretty forgiving must say. Bounces well on most hard landings. Tires grip like crazy even on wet grass. With huge tires and short wheelbase, flipping potential is easy peezy, will take practice as in air adjustments are enhanced with this design. I added a clip to Media. Will try jumping 6s next time out with GoPro and better dirt based location. Also went 4 wheeling/climbing over brutal terrain at Lake, very impressed thus far, rig is a blast to drive.
I found that even on 4S because the ESC is calibrated in such a way that you can go from brakes to full on launch w/o a pause that you can use throttle control to do stunts that normally you can't do with other trucks. Most of my other esc have a double-pump reverse or a pause to reduce damage to drive-train.
My other RCs feel the same with sort of built in protection, especially good when my kids are bashing. Watching other vids on Outcast makes me believe drivetrain damage is seriously possible. As much as I like jumping and generally bashing hard, I've always felt jamming from forward to reverse...etc... just like 1/1 car is a bit harsh on gearing. Just like landings with hard throttle. To each his own, but I try not to be overly abusive to the drive train even when/if I get carried away in a moment of pure bashing pleasure.
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