Outcast Outcast new real estate, Location, Location!

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Rich Duperbash

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Was hoping to test her to the extreme today, arrived at Prairie City MX OHV, closed Wednesdays!!!!! Duhhhhh....Grrhhhh.... forgot to check, but 2nd choice popped up. Too wet to run but huge air/stunt potential, puddles too deep, not going submarine style....will push Outcast to extremes and do ultimate durability launch testing soon. Big storm hitting CA, maybe next week....will post vids for sure..25 min from home. ]
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I'm so jealous. I get my cul de sac most often. I drive around and see endless miles of pristine rc heaven land, fenced off of course.
Due to busy schedule with kids, work...Etc.. I often have to bash my court or local parks. This spot is fenced also, and 2 cities over, but will definitely go back and send her flying soon weather/time permitting. There's lots of good spots I've recently surveyed, can't wait to hit them! Truggy platform has really opened my eyes to potential terrain/open space nearby.
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