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Sydney Australia
Arrma RC's
After changing out the shock oil to 1000/800cst as well as 50k/300k/10k in the diffs the Outcast is a great, but I find the springs are just way too short and soft once I have the big 3S Lipos in there.

Reading heaps of comments that the Tekno Orange springs are a popular choice.

However, I can't find anywhere to buy them in Australia and postage from the US costs double the cost of springs and takes forever.

Does anyone know who stocks them in Australia?
How about a local alternative to Tekno?

My local hobby shops in Sydney are no help unfortunately.
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Postage cost from tower hobbies is usually pretty good, I have ordered from them many times with no issues and im from Sydney.

I feel compelled to make an order from Amain just on the shipping price alone lol

Report back on how long the shipping took please.
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