Outcast Outcast V1 owners feedback needed pretty please.

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I am planning on building a hybrid V1/V2, 4S vortex, swb chassis. I can’t find any information on the Arrma site about the original 4s outcast, which is what it wolf mostly be like. I’m wondering if it used standard shock towers, like on the big rock and granite, and if the backflip LPs seemed too large for the swb chassis (which I believe it had) or just perfect.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks!
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When you see the vehicles page, click on filter and there's an option to show discontinued models you need to check
If you want to run the 4s Backflips, you will want the wide Arms (and everything else you need to wide-mod).
I have a set of v1, 4s arms I’ll try first. If there’s an issue with the V2 driveshafts being too long, I’ll swap to v2 arms. I’m working on it slowly. Don’t have the funds to do it all at once.
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