Partial Throttle Mode

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Hoping I'm posting this in the correct sub-forum but trying to figure out how to set an ESC to 'Partial Throttle' mode.

I bought an Arrma Fury for my 6 year old for Christmas and heard that I could set the throttle to 50% power to help him get used to the controls.

The manual has a small section on it but doesn't actually say how to set the ESC to partial throttle.

Any help is appreciated.
mmm...I have been looking everywhere I could...But I cant find a "howto" for this setting you are asking for...o_O
As far as I know only Traxxas has this option on their ESC's...Perhaps you could do something with your "throttle trim"?...
Or one of our guru's has solution for you problem...:p

Good luck,

Thanks Erik. Googled it myself before posting and can't seem to find anything either.

When I bought the truck, the owner at the Hobby store mentioned this had that ability. Also the manual mentions something about a Partial Throttle mode so I thought that would be it. I tried using the throttle trim but it doesn't seem like that's controlling power output. Seems just as fast no matter what settling I have the throttle trim at.

Can I just say that the Arrma manuals have a lot of detail but very little 'how to' info. Really frustrating for someone just starting out in the RC world.
I don't recall the Fury advertising it and don't have the manual with me. I have to admit I considered the Traxxas for that very reason. But, with the price point being what it was, I couldn't turn down the Fury for a first, entry level RC truck for my 7-year old.

Its taken some coaching but he is figuring out that its as much fun running at 1/2 throttle and being in control/not pulling the truck out of the bushes all the time vs. full throttle and crashing and digging the truck out every 2 minutes.

If I find anything I will post back.
Thanks DBBD. I found that manual earlier as well but my ESC doesn't have that setting button on the housing that has the power switch.

Going to try the hobby store today and hopefully I'll get a confirmation if this is doable or not,
Hi Everyone,

Called the Hobby store and it looks like this option isn't available on the Fury according to the owner of the store. I was pretty sure he said it was, but I'll just leave it at that...

Now I'm even more confused about what the different ESC modes are that are in the User Manual.

@WoodiE - I tried that first, thinking that was it but I don't see a difference in how fast that car goes.

Thanks for everyone's help!
Yeah that's actually something the owner at the hobby store recommended. Suggested putting something behind the throttle trigger that can limit how far back it can go.

Will give that a try.
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