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Hi, maybe some of you have read my intro. I just bought a Granite, but I have to wait until october to unbox it. I live outside US. What parts would you recommend me to buy just in case.

Hope you can help me.

Cobi RC
Good question I was actually thinking about this myself today what spares to get - hopefully some of the more experienced offroaders can comment.

If it takes a while to order parts and get them to where you live - my suggestions to have for spares if you plan to really bash would be spare servo (unless you already have a ADS-7M in yours) or if you have ADS-5 or ADS-7 order the metal gearset now.. also a diff rebuild kit as if yours goes bang then sending the car back for warranty might not be feasible. Also shock oil - you can get good 'race kits' they have 3 or 4 different weights in a pack. Maybe some spare screws of the common sizes (they are mostly 3mmx12mm from memory) incase you pop a few out... spare body pins? and just makes sure you have the right tools to be able to work on car and you basic greases - white grease for light duty, grey/molybendium(sp?) for heavy duty. I use Tamiya greases as thats what i have with my other cars and have not had any issues.
Thanks for your suggestions. I´m not completely new on the hobby, I got tools, shock and diff oils from the car I have. I want to be ready when I break something. In more than a year that I have my Vaterra Kemora, the only thing I broke was a rim due to high jumps.
It´s a good idea to protect the car against crashes, The bumper on the link fits the BLS?. I´ll use 2s lipo, do you think I should buy wheelies?.

Thanks in advance.
I'd highly recommend the wheely bar if you are going to drive on tarmac/concrete/paved surfaces... I wish I had one on my Fury - the thing as spent almost as much time sliding down the road on it's lid as it has on it's wheels.
Tbone bumpers front/rear (not really spares just a great addition, also the rear acts as a wheelie bar), front body posts, more front body posts (they break very easy!) spare diff kit, rear body posts and maybe a few dog ones in case you take a nasty tumble and one pops out in the grass. Those have been the things needed to be replaced for me with the front body post being the worst by far.
i don't have a granite, got the mojave, but the first things for me to break were the front shocks (shock caps popping off) and the ESC (randomly caught fire during use) and crash related breakages were the shock tower and lower bulkhead, but this was at full speed off a jump into a wall.... it was dark! i have the mega version upgraded to a 3500KV brushless with a 13/57 pinion and spur
I have owned my granite blx for only a few weeks and have needed a new wheelie bar (Actually just the upper bracket), front lower control arm, shock oil, rear knuckle, dog bones, axles..
Heres a new one. Aluminum servo arm. The plastic stock one stripped out already I thought I had 2 more in a little parts bag that came with the truck but after I had the old one out and opened the bag the 2 that were in there are 23t and 24t :mad: I don't know why they would give you parts that you cant use. I guess this will be a good time to give it a thorough maintenance service, since now its up to snail mail.
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