Typhon Phillips screws instead of annoying factory screws?


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I love my Typhon when i can keep it running. It seems though when im trying to replace a broken part or upgrade anything i keep getting stuck. Like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.
Im tired of breaking drillbits, buying easyouts that don't quite get it. Ive tried the cutoff wheel idea and trying to make flat heads out of these headset screws but this is just too much already. Please help
The best thing you can ever buy for your rc is a quality set of hex drivers. I promise you the screws are not the problem on the typhon as ive wrenched on mine a fair amount thus far. The problem lies with the crappy allen keys included or these cheapo chinese drivers you see all over ebay and rc sites. Ive used both and have suffered from the stripped heads. Youtube saved me when i stumbled upon a semi pro driver sharing his remedy on stripped screws. M.I.P speed bit allens for your drill or ones with the handles are amazingly awesome. Made in america and milled to precise tolerances. First time i used one of the speed bits it pulled out of my drill and was sitting in the screw head because the fitment is that good. Since xmas ive rebuilt 4 diffs, removed my motor, replaced my fabricated battery tray and haven't even had a single screw come close to being stripped. I got 3 speed bits on sale for $27. Its an investment but ive never regretted it once. Hope this helps
On my dirt bikes I removed all the Phillips screws from the carburetors and went all hex. You couldn't pay me to switch to Phillips heads. Like the post above says it's not the screws fault, hex really is better than Phillips.
Thank you guys.
I need a whole new set of screws now too. Are the stainless ones on ebay good?
Thank you guys.
I need a whole new set of screws now too. Are the stainless ones on ebay good?
Im not sure since ive never purchased stainless screws for an rc. I use stainless button screws in construction all the time. The phillips head rounds out really easy. My personal experience pushes me away from them. Personally i have no issues with the stock set even when it comes to rust/stripping. Hard to beat a stock replacement in my book.
Right. With an hex driver you will have more force on the screw like with Phillips shape.
The price of that is not really cheap depend of the brand and quality but the work we have with an broken Phillips screw is also not funny.
Thanks WoodiE im going to invest in proper tools then. I rounded everything off with the supplied allen wrenches too soon.
DO NOT buy stainless screw Kits for any rc. Most stainless rc screw kits are mystery metal and super soft. Soft screws with junky hex drivers is a recipe for a headache.
http://www.mcmaster.com/ is a great place to find quality screws.
This is a great place to find quality everything.

Also check out Tony's Screws I don't see any Arrma kits up on his site but I am sure if you sent him an email he could throw one together, and if their site ever comes back up Hexcrews.

Sorry for the necro.
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