Typhon Physical size battery?

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Arrma RC's
I'm looking at buying the Arrma Typhon but I'm not sure of what battery size to buy. What are the physical limitations in the car (HxWxD)? Any battery recommendations in general?
Any size batt. Most batt carried at lhs will fit might have to stack them one on top another and velcro them together or mod the batt box
Betting on the chance that the battery tray in the Typhon is the same as the Talion BLX 6S:

158(L) x 50(W) x 65(H) mm
Height is a random guess - there's probably more headroom than that, but depends...

Many in this forum seem to run SPC LiPo's with good success. I run 4S in my Talion and its plenty fast... For now.

I use my stash from my quadcopters, so they tend to be more underpowered for a land vehicle capable of 6S, but it's what I currently have:
  • Turnigy Blue LiPo series: 4S 3300 60C Heavy Duty, 4S 4000 30C
  • Pulse Ultra: 4S 5000 25C - they're a bit long, so one end sticks out of the battery tray. They also seem a bit underpowered (25*5.0=125; the ESC is 180A rated), but are fine
  • Glacier: 4S 3300 35C. Underpowered, not recommended. All three puffed early from my F450 Flamewheel with RCTimer 1300kv motors. It's a shame because everyone raves about Glacier batteries.
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I read the floureon are hit or miss.

I only have SMC or SPC, can't go wrong with those.
Well let's hope I hit with the 2 I ordered. Can't beat the price of $45 for 2 and I've seen a few videos on YouTube about how good they are. I guess time will tell. Can you link me a pair of 3s around 5000 mah that would be good for the typhon? Both spc and smc, tia.
I have a Typhon. I don't know if the battery tray is the same in the Talion. I run the 6500 mah 4s in my car because the local track is 4s hard case only rules.
those will both fit but they are soft cases not hard cases, if your on the ground a hardcase battery will hold up better through grime and abuse. also you can get 2 batteries from spc or smc for the price of 1 of those flight powers or 3 for the price of the more expensive one.
true, thank you so much i'll buy that battery, i just joined this site and happy with the fast and kind help.
Yeah, there is a safety reason for hard case packs, they are impact resistant. While you can use them and bash fine and maybe never have a problem. If you ever think you might want to go to a nearby track they likely won't let you run soft packs. They don't allow soft packs at my track.


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I bought two reaction2 3s 50c 5000 mAh batteries in the hard cases and the battery tray extension cap fits both batteries perfectly however it is too tall to put the body on. I was told you can take the batteries out of the hard case and they are essentially a soft pack at that point just secure them with electrical tape and gorilla tape to help protect them during bashing and you can put the lid on. you can buy a single 6s 100c 5000 mAh battery and it will work just fine. If you look at both battery stacked on top of each other and you are able to split one of the batteries in half that height will get you exactly the right height to be able to put their body on. It is also the same height as most single 6s batteries around that 5,000 mAh range
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