Senton Pinion gear sliding on motor shaft

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I've had my Senton for a little over a month now, and as usual it's just a straight beast. In fact, it doesn't even use lipo batteries, it runs on beast mode. So down to my question. I noticed that my pinion gear keeps sliding back on the motor shaft towards the motor. It will only go back so far, which is strange. Once it's perfectly square with the spur gear, it won't move back any further. Now it did shave some of the aluminum off of the motor motor mount. I just finished a session with it about 15 minutes ago and noticed that the pinion slid back again after I moved it up towards the end of the shaft and tightened the grub screw. I've used thread lock, and even let it cure over night and it still slides back. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm using a Castle 2200kv motor is that helps.
I think i'm going to try more loc tite.
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