Infraction Pinion stripping

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Hey all,
why does the pinion get wrecked? Luckily the spur gear never seems to have a problem.
is it because my gear mesh is bad (I think it’s ok)? I’m pretty sure my mesh is generally ok. Have done the paper or plastic bag between the teeth trick.

is it just a cheap ass pinion? I’m fairly sure my mesh is ok.



Looks like it was loose. Maybe the motor mount or motor itself is loose and moving unexpectedly. I would check all possible points if you believe the mesh is good.
Otherwise pick up a hardened steel pinion like Tekno or RR
Along with ensuring your mesh is good, I’d also pick up one of these:

PS what power system are you using? 6S?
Yes I am using 6s. And these are Amazon gears. Sometimes they seem to work ok
Hmm kinda looks like too much play in the vid

Also I’m not sure I can move the pinion deeper to center because of the grub screw. Would I need a MIP hex driver w a balled end so I can get at it w an angle?



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It’s not happening right now after a battery pack on an Amazon 18t I had on the stock motor I drop in when it’s wet (Which is where it happened in the first place). i Think it’s that The pinion was loose. probably contacted the motor mount and scratched it all up and either wrecked it there or if it drifted back into the metal spur, the spur killed it.

user error.

The new pinion slid after the most recent session and it was because I didn’t properly use orange lock tire on it (I think I didn’t reapply the lock tire after fooling with the grub screw). So im pretty sure that’s my problem
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