Power cutoff on 5s


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  1. Senton 6s
I've been running my Senton on 4s for a while and wanted to bump up the power without breaking the bank. i bought a 3s 5200 lipo to run with one of the 2s batteries i have, but when i went to run it, it ran full speed for about a minute or two and slowed right down as if the batteries were already drained. i took the batteries home and the 3s still had a charge of 12.35v (approx 4.10 per cell) and the 2s was about 8.2v.

why did the car slow down/ shut off when the lvc is supposed to be 3.2?
is 5s even possible?


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  1. BigRock
Yes, you can, but you have to switch the ESC to NiMh.
Also you should put an Lipo-alarm to you´re battery, otherwise you will kill them.
The stupid thing will be to solder a bridge for the two balancer connectors to the alarm beeper.

The reason is that the ESC is not be able to consider what battery is connected.
A 5S is for the ESC like an light discharged 6S and so you have this result.
The car stops with nearly full Lipo because the ESC "think" the 6S is empty now.
The ESC can only distinguish between 4S and 6S.