Power driver? What do you use?

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So I need a power screwdriver that will help me with the screws in my Kraton. Not that I won't get them loosened by hand or do the final tightening by hand, but the half inch in between is my problem. I gave my self tendonitis, in my thumb, doing the front diff the other day. I can't even throw a dart right now, much less wrench on the Kraton. So what do you have, that you use on your RC's. I need a battery life that will last for a decent session or wrenching, enough torque, not too fast, etc.

Thanks in advance
I love my Ryobi Tek4. Only had it about 6 months though. That Bosch seems absolutely fantastic though. :)

Get MIP hexes! For sure.


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I use a small Bosch too with Lithium-ion battery build inside.
My RC screwdriver with interchangeable bits fits right into it.
However I never use it to redo screws in the plastic parts. The plastic thread is very easily damaged beyond repair
As much as I wanted the Bosch. When coupled with the MIP hex bits, things got a bit expensive. I just ordered the Ryobi Tek 4 and a set of the bits. Going to change my life.
I'm getting one this weekend. Im trying to decide between the Bosch PS21 that WoodiE mentioned above, the Bosch PS22 (same thing but brushless) and the Dewalt below.

Now the only thing I need to find is all of the bits that I need. It seems that the well known rc tool brands like MIP and EDS only make the smaller bits and I need 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0mm hex bits for everything.

I like the compact-ness of the Bosch so I'd go either the PS21 or the PS22. If the little extra price doesn't scare you go brushless for sure!
I am going to contact my local Bosch and Dewalt dealers and see what they can do for me. Normally the Dewalt dealer has some really good prices that they give, that is why I was looking into Dewalt. Either way I will be getting a good brand and the compact-ness doesn't really bother me at all as I have been using my 20 volt to put in and take out screws so either way it will be getting more compact.

Got any leads on any allen tips for these 1/4" hex chucks? Worst case scenario is I will get 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm from EDS or MIP and then go with a cheaper brand for the 4.0 and 5.0mm as those I have never had a problem with stripping the heads on the larger screws. But it would be nice to just find all of those sizes from a well known quality brand and have one matched set.
@chevys10zr2003 I just got the MIP 1.5, 2, and 2.5 last night and the 3mm is on it's way. I am 100% sold on these tools. Absolutely floored at the strength and precision these things have. My old drivers would twist and flex almost 180* before breaking the screw loose. Finally it rounded out the edges when I was trying to get the motor mount screws off. I used the MIP hexes last night and was able to remove all 5 motor mount screws without the help of any heat. Just a twist of the wrist, no flex at all in the tool, and the hex head fit like a glove in the screw. I can't see why anyone would use anything else.
Yikes, that's steep! :greedy:

I think I'll need to keep looking...
Yeah it is expensive but I have learned the hard way a lot of times that, for the most part, you get what you pay for. I also use it around the house as well as for my rc cars multiple times a week.
I use a Milwaukee M12 driver. With the extended battery, it will stand up on the handle, and run for days. Great torque limiting chuck too. Light enough to be easy to use for car maintenance, but enough power for 90% of around the house chores too.
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