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Power driver? What do you use?


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Yeah, the lowest setting is just a hair too much for short M3 screws, especially if your running at full trigger. Seems ok on 12mm+ ones though.
Ya but a fail for RC! Believe it or not but Panasonic is one of the finer drills you can buy. I have had mine for many years and they are still better then the newer other drill companies I've purchased from. This 14.4 Panasonics clutch is super low to super high. Works perfect for the kraton. I basically had what I was looking for already.... Just a few ounzes heavier34747


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Ya but a fail for RC!
Been using it for 2+ years without much issue. I just recently bought non-oem high capacity packs for it actually. The smaller 12V pack had a hard time running the mini saws-all and I also got an M12 3/8's drill. It's really nice compared to the B&D I had. Never had a drill where the chuck would lock on it's own when you tighten it down. And to have it tighten so hard, nice not having bits slip for a change.

I was worried the non-oem 4k packs weren't going to be worth the package they came in. I ran them down when I got them in the 3/8 drill on high speed while holding the chuck, then did a full charge on both. That was like a month ago and I have yet to get either of them to not show 4 led's (full) on either the drill or screw driver.


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Dewalt gyroscopic screw driver works great! Use it on everything from 18th scale all the way to 5th scale.
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