PPF Film for Upper Body or Lower Chassis?


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I have done a few searches here and just in general and haven't found anything yet. I am curious if anyone has tried putting some PPF Film on the Body, and or the bottom chassis. I would think that the self healing of some of the better brands may translate to smaller scale. I know that it has saved a few of my cars from really nasty rock chips etc, I wonder how it would hold up to keeping that chassis looking new, or scrapes on the upper body.

I have seen the cool stickers that they sell for the lower chassis, but the mil thickness and lack of self healing seems to let them be beat up pretty good. Also, maybe clear wouldn't show the damage as bad.. again just thinking out loud.

I have ordered a roll, and I am going to attempt to see if it works at all. (xpel ultimate)

Any thoughts?
I have used some stuff branded as Alien Tape over the bottom of a 1/14 scale CF chassis & in conjunction with some thin metal under my Typhon chassis. Works pretty good, especially if you heat it up a bit to accelerate adhesion.
I did the bottom of a Chassis in clear ppf got bored it was a left over piece. It would not stay adhered to the curved areas. I used heat to apply after a few months took it off. It protected the bottom fairly good.
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