PPS Kraton 8s Motor Mount Insert!


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Introducing the K8S 30mm Motor Mount insert!

It is now available for preorder at PPS-RC.COM!

All of the details are covered on the website but here are some key bullet points:

30mm motor spacing only
You can fit up to a 62mm motor
Up to a 44t pinion on the factory spur.
Down to stock gearing.
The pinion must be mounted flipped/reversed on the motor shaft.
Looks sick!
Reuse your factory frame and stock hardware
Hardware is an extra option, and it will include a fancy motor clamp washer yet to be photographed (it has been elusive). It is similar in design to my v4 6s motor mount hardware clamp.

You can get a good overview on BicketyBam's video:

I am already in production on these parts, and the preorder wait will be very short. I expect to have preorders out the door by 3/4 at the latest!

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