Pro-line Badlands MX38 On Stock Kraton wheels

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I really like the way the new Pro-line Badlands MX38's look!

The only downside for me are the rims. I'm not crazy about the F-11 wheel style.

My question is, can you buy them unmounted? (Can't find them anywhere unmounted)

Does anyone know if they would fit the stock Kraton wheels?

I looked up the specs for the F-11 rims and they are as follows:
Diameter = 3.3" (84mm)
Width = 2" (52mm)
Hex size = 17mm
Offset = 1/2"

The specs for the stock Kraton rims are as follows:
Diameter = 3.8 (97mm)
Width = 2.6 (66mm)
Hex size = 17mm
Offset = 1/2"

Would love some feedback or more information, thanks everyone!
Proline doesn't list them on their own website, so they probably aren't available (yet) as tire only.
I already noticed it a few weeks ago that some the newer Proline tires are only available premounted, a very bad development imho, but lets just hope they will come...
I want to choose my own wheel/tyre combination :)

But, the Kraton wheels are 14mm wider and 13mm larger than the F-11 rims, quite a difference if you ask me
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