Pro-Line Body Mounts on a Fury

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Hey Guys,

I am sure some of you like myself are sick of body clips. I been doing a bit of reading about Pro_Lines system and figured there had to be a way to do this.

For the back i just took off the post and drilled out the bottom with a 7/32 drill bit and pushed the PL post though and trimmed it off.

The back i made a template in a 2x4 and then drilled though the top of the post and then pushed the PL post though.

I used the Mount kit for a XXX-SC, give you 4 post that are the correct size to fit.

what do you guys think?? keep in mind a had a new body coming so the clip holders are going to be gone

photo 4.JPG
photo 3.JPG
photo 2 (3).JPG
photo 1 (3).JPG
I so would like to have a set of those on my Mojave...Been loosing body-clips all over the place...:oops:
Found one recently in one of the tires of my (bakfiets) kiddy-transport-bike...Which was one hell of a job to repair...:confused:
Anyway, I haven't found a (web)shop over here that sells them...So the cost of shipping them to the Netherlands is F*****-*P...:mad:
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