Pro-Line Raptor mounted on Fury

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Arrma RC's
  1. Fury
I just finished painting and mounting the Raptor body onto the Fury. I am very happy with the results, although I did end up "dumbing" down my design due to inept abilities, haha.

Thanks! The blue really does pop in the sun too. They are Tamiya PS-16 Metallic Blue for the main, PS-32 Corsa Gray for the accent or striping. My local hobby shop was out of any black so I found some Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric paint in flat black at AutoZone for in between the colors...We'll see how it holds up.
are those badlands on it?

No, those are trencher x on the rear. I was either going to get the badlands or trenchers for replacements. I really like the trenchers so far, except they balloon a lot. Now I know how they perform, I can get the fronts replaced now too, maybe help get rid of some of that understeer I've been experiencing.
Nothing on that body looks Dumbed Down. I won't even try to do a body on my own. If I did, It would be 1 color, with stickers on it.
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